Welcome To National Net-Workers Group

Down Below You will See Steps You need to Take,
to Insure You Receive Your Earnings and Build A Team Quickly.
  • Step #1: Join National Net Workers Group ( Free )

  • Step #2: After You Receive Your Own Personal ( NNG ) Website Pre- Register ( 4 ) People from Your Email or Phone Contacts List Immediately!
    Then later, You will Invite them To Our ( NNG ) Invitation Call.
    Everything will be explained on the Call.
    Note: You can Only Pick ( 4 ) So Pick Who You Think Needs To Make Money The Most!

  • Step # 3: Go To Pay Pal .Com and Open A Personal Account. https://www.paypal.com

  • Step # 4: Go To Google Pay.com and Open Up an Account. https://pay.google.com
    If You have a Gmail Email, then You Already have One, You'll just need to Set It Up.

  • Step # 5: Go To Cash App and Open an Account if You Can. https://cash.me/app/JDRHQHH

Note: Mainly Open The Pay Pal Account and The Google Pay Account
Note: If You have ( 4 ) People On Your 1st Level that You don't know from Spill Over.
Please! Email Mr. Holt To Receive Contact Info @ nationalnetworkersgroup@gmail.com

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